For this project, I was able to work with a missionary in Multan, Pakistan, who was opening a non-for-profit women and children’s hospital. For this particular design it was challenging as there could be no religious affiliation linked to any of the branding.

Logo color variations

For the last few years Anglican Aid has partnered with One2Another to build the Victoria Hospital in Multan, Pakistan. The building is now complete and has begun to serve poor and marginalised families.

One2Another exists to improve the lives of poor and marginalized families in Pakistan by:

  • providing education and training to equip and empower
  • mobilizing human and material resources to create enterprise
  • seeking spiritual wholeness for each individual
  • pursuing sustainability for long-term success

• Colors: This particular green and blue are the colors in which is more identifiable with the people of Pakistan. Reds and black have deep religious significance and wouldn’t have been appropriate for such a project.

• Logo: The shape of the logo mark is that of Pakistani architecture. Its high peak at the top is to represent the domes that are very present in large cities. The figures are very vague in shape and form to represent any person that comes into the hospital.

• Shapes: The free flowing swirling pattern is to create a sense of movement – a constant flow of life. This is to symbolize the many different aspect the hospital is contributing to help the community around them.